The Team


Amos Byrne

Amos is Too Tired’s resident narrative and sound designer. He is also very comfortable in level design.


Luke Charland

Luke is Too Tired’s lead designer. He is in charge of level design, UI/UX, and overall game feel.


Rob Mitchell

Rob is Too Tired’s primary systems designer and programmer. He’s also skilled in making game development tools.


Lillian Vinson

Lillian is Too Tired’s art specialist. She has a wide array of skills ranging all across 2D and 3D sectors of art.


Robbie Wakefield

Robbie is a programmer at Too Tired, and the team lead.

About Us

Too Tired Studios is a small game studio located in Burlington, Vermont. The founding members of the studio met in their Junior Production class at the local Champlain College. After receiving the 2nd place prize at RPI's GameFest 2017, a student game development competition, we decided that our games should make their way to the public after we graduated. Too Tired Studios is dedicated to creating lovable and engaging gaming experiences that provokes the same feelings of joy that we felt by playing games as children.