Slimes and Jams! (not mixed)

Hey there! Today we’ve got some new enemies that we found lounging about the sewers. You’ve probably all seen the green slimes, with their leisurely back and forth schlepping, but have you met his cousins?


This guy seems to be a bit stopped up in the sinuses. Slimes might not actually have sinuses. Anyway, he clearly has some excess buildup of slime in whatever part of slime physiology produces that, and your presence is causing him to expel it violently at you. Gross.


This one’s a little smaller, but boy howdy does he got a lot of energy. He’s a bit more aggressive than his friends, but if he gets too uppity with you, your overhead attack is a pretty decent option for giving him the business.

As far as non game-making stuff we’ve been doing, we just got to show off Frog Snatchers at Vermont Tech Jam last Friday! It was super cool to see peoples’ reactions to the latest iteration of the game, and to get to talk to so many other cool tech companies in the area.


And yes, we realize that does beg the question “where’s the build of the game you dinguses?” Never fear! There are still a few bugs and bits we’re working out before we put it up for you guys, but rest assured that we’re putting the feedback from Tech Jam to good use. While getting the game into people’s hands was a great troubleshooting opportunity, it also affirmed that this new approach to the demo is very much working in the game’s favor. Stay tuned!