Welcome to the Frog Blog!

Hey there, welcome to the Frog Blog!

We’re so glad you’ve stopped in, whether you came by social media, a friend’s link, or just randomly searching for blogs and/or frogs. This blog is where we (Too Tired Studios), post updates and news about our upcoming video game, Frog Snatchers! If you stumbled upon this page with no idea what Frog Snatchers is, this page will answer all your questions.

We realize this is our first contact with the outside world since the campaign ended, and we’d like to apologize to anyone who’s been frustrated or wondering what’s been going on. Moving forward, we’ll be updating this blog at least every other week. We’ve been taking a good hard look at how we manage everything, including our plans to stay in touch with you all!

We’ve also been cranking away at an all new Frog Snatchers demo, after receiving a lot of super helpful feedback on the previous one. The new demo will show off the first chapter of the game, the Sewers, and it’ll be a great way for you all to get a taste of the final Frog Snatchers experience.

The rest of the month long radio silence, has been brainstorming, restructuring, and really picking apart every part of our process as we plan our next move. We’ve made some pretty big changes and additions to the game, and we’ll be showing off as much of those as we can in the next few weeks.

We’re super excited, and we hope you guys are too. That’s all for now, but here’s a quick peek at something we’ve been working on: