Join the Frog Dance!

It’s probably worth mentioning, if it wasn’t obvious, that blog posts every other week are proving to be less doable that we anticipated. We’ve been finding that when two weeks have gone by, we’ll have the beginnings of something cool to show, but it’s often rather sketchy or unstable. Most often, we’d rather just spend the time fixing it, rather than write a blog post about a half-finished thing. With that in mind, we’re shifting to a monthly schedule, which will hopefully mean we’ll always have a Cool New Thing to show.

Anyway here’s a fresh helping of actual blog content. Back in our first post, we teased a new feature that we’ve been building with this little video of a frog following the player:


As you might have surmised, this is now what happens when you choose a frog to accompany you on your adventures. We’ve floated the idea of having your rescued frogs actually follow you around quite a few times, usually tabling it in favor of more gameplay related things. That is until we asked the question, “wait, what if frogs following you around DID affect the gameplay?”

And now they do! Behold the magic of Frog Dances! Dance puppet, dance for your frogs. Behold the sacred and majestic power of dance:


Quick break down of what’s actually happening here: Dajuan, your current companion, has a unique “dance” that you can “perform” for him, by executing a specific sequence of attacks against an enemy. When the dance is completed (in this case by doing a Sweep and Overhead attack), Dajuan, in his excitement, releases a glorious cloud of toxic spores, making enemies more vulnerable to damage! However, it also makes you more vulnerable to damage, so it’s best used on passive enemies, or when you’ve got plenty of health.

We’ve currently got about ten frogs with their own frog dances, and we’re planning to use dances to replace the passive stat effects for All Frogs Great And Small. We’re very excited with this change, since not only are the dances a fun way to use your variety of combat moves, but they give the frogs more screen time! Plus, it’s only fair that the frogs find a way to help out after you’ve heroically unsnatched them.

With the addition of Frog Dances, the demo is, for now, mechanically complete. We’ve got a little more tweaking and polishing to do, but we’re very close now.Some of the more keen-eyed/bored individuals among you might’ve noticed that the sewer walls look a bit different in the time between these two . Stay tuned, we’ll be talking about the environment art rework in a later update!