Luke - Blog Post #6 - Deep Dive Challenge Preparation


  • Complete Block Out of the Left Half of the sewers
  • Add sounds to the build
  • QA Testing

Block Out of Left Sewer

This week I kept building the play area of the sewers. I kept building off of my original paper designs for this week. It was slow going since we do not have a tool quite yet for painting tiles onto a grid, so every tile has to be placed by hand. Despite this, I feel like the additional sections feel pretty good to play through and offer some fun room for exploring, as well as gating some areas that you will need additional powers later on. By playing through it and moving around myself, I can tell that most of the areas are going to need to have to be made bigger so that the player will not bonk their head so often on ceiling corners. Also, with the rooms the size they are now, it is really pushing it to have more than 2 enemies in the same room at the same time. Next week, I am sure I will dedicate a lot of time to making the rooms of the map larger


Adding SFX to Build

Last week, I took some time to create a few sets of sound effects to be used in the game for attacking and for dialogue. First thing I did was add the Animal Crossing-esque dialogue SFX, which went very smoothly thanks to Rob. They sounded great right away. This will likely be the sound effect style we go forward will as the other styles of dialogue sfx did not sound that great and would require much more work down the line.

Much later in the week, I added the sfx for attacking and jumping. These assets are far from final but I think they are leading us into a good direction.

QA Testing

Wow, there were a ton of people at QA this week. We had over 20 testers on our game. Almost all of the feedback we got from testers was positive. Testers laughed at our jokes and felt that the combat and movement were satisfying. Overall, a very successful session that let us know that we are headed in a good direction. Testers also left insightful comments on how to better improve the humor and gameplay overall.