Lillian - Blog Post #8 - Content Creep

This week there was a lot I could do for our Capstone game as well as a lot I needed to do for all my other classes and found it difficult to balance, but I feel I made some progress in terms of environment assets.  

We put together the player's home area this week and it's a nice contrast from the dark sewers.  It'll be the hub area where you can spend time with all the frog friends you've found.  I kept feedback about keeping the shape language more organic in mind and I think it was successful.  

I've also been working on more environment assets for the sewer, updates on character animations, and particle effects for combat.  I've been kind of concerned about integrating these into our current prototype, but with some advice from Rob I think it'll go smoothly.  There were lots of pieces this week that felt incomplete or unsatisfying to me, but I want to do better this week.