Luke - Blog Post #7 - Iteration and Additional Content


  • Intro Sequence
  • Expand Map
  • Uylsses

Intro Sequence

This week I got the plan for our intro sequence planned out. I made a storyboard depicting what will happen in the scripted intro scene. I also made sure everything we'd need to accomplish this was in our asset list.

Expand Map

I noticed a lot of areas in the map where moving around was very uncomfortable because the player would bonk their head ceilings or have to make many small jumps in a short distance to climb an area. So, this week I went through the map and expanded many of these areas so that moving around felt more natural and fun to do. This also gives the player more room to fight enemies.


I added a small bit into the game where the player stumbles upon a man who ages so rapidly that they cannot leave the fountain of youth, which he is standing in, or he will die of old age. Ulysses is very excited to see the player, the first person they have seen in 7 years. There is a frog that Ulysses has made friends with, but is glad to actually be able to talk to someone. You proceed to take that frog and leave which makes Ulysses pretty upset.