Rob - Blog Post #10 - Fun with the BOSS!

After Luke and I drafted up (surprisingly similar) designs for a boss, Robbie and Lillian implemented it! I played around with the boss mechanics a little bit, but my main focus was enhancing player feedback in the scene. Additionally, since this was the first boss and it needed to stand out from other enemies and other scenes of the game, I wanted to up the theatrics just a tiny bit. 

I decided to focus on making a healthbar, and some kind of visible name for the boss so players would see and remember their first boss battle with key-word-association. The healthbar was a simple image in Unity, and hooking it up the boss's health took no time at all. I decided to throw it in the top right corner of the screen so it would "oppose" your own health UI.

The more fun and interesting part of this is the name! I chose a really easy name to remember, that being "Slimebot." It was also a short enough name that I could play with it however I wanted on screen, and it'd still be pretty readable. I took some inspiration from other games and decided to have each letter of the name fill in one at a time, then move across the screen and sit above the healthbar so players would be absolutely sure that the healthbar belonged to the boss.



Overall, this has been received really well and I'm definitely happy with it! I'd love to improve on it later, but it's currently already considered "polish" in a lot of ways, even if it's very functional and practical polish.