Rob - Blog Post #9 - Updating the Supers

This post servers more as an addendum to the last post, which mentioned that there were more supers to come. Now, the Stab super has a grounded version, and the Overhead super has an aerial component.

In the air, overhead will now spike the enemy downward, as well as away, which is great for when you want to land and continue a combo.

On the ground, the stab super will still make you dash forward, but it will also hit enemies upward right near the end, making it the perfect move for setting up long combos.

In addition to adding new supers, the mechanic in general has been tweaked and refined. The window for executing the action is even longer now, and there's more noticeable feedback for all of these states in the player's color palette. New particles have been added and tweaked, as well as new sounds for Supers and for killing enemies.