Luke - Post Mortem

Frog Snatchers is going on to next semester and I could not be happier about it. When we got the news I actually got were going to be able to work on this game next semester Robbie and I actually had to take a second and yell you relive some of the tension we felt before we knew. Being able to visit more interesting areas, NPCs, and more importantly, collect more adorable and unique frogs.

These past 12-15 weeks working with Rob, Robbie, and Lillian have been great. We all have worked very well together covering all bases of development very well and getting along. As we have worked together before I wasn't too worried about our team dynamic, and throughout the semester our team bond only got stronger.

This year started out pretty rocky for us. We were getting misdirected feedback on our game and concept for the beginning part of the year because we were having a hard time communicating what our vision for the game was without much to show off yet. Feedback got progressively better and better as our game got more and more developed. This initial critique was frustrating for us to receive but only pushed us to make something even better and cohesive. I feel like the final product for the end of this semester was very successful at showing what our game will feel like in the future.

Personally, I knew I was going to have my hands full with this project from the beginning. A Metroidvania is very level design intensive genre, which I am quite comfortable with and happy working on. The other half of our game, the narrative side of things, is an area that I knew would be a challenge for me, never having tackled writing a narrative for a game before. The beginning stages of the project were mostly for me to plan all of the narrative for the semester including characters, locations of interest, and most importantly (of course) the frogs. That went pretty smoothly, especially with the team helping me out by spitballing a lot of ideas to me during meetings. The second half of the year I was very focused on level design and quickly iterating on the level throughout the process. I am very happy with all of the narrative, dialogue, and the areas of the level that got done. I am also very satisfied with all of the sound design decisions that I have made this semester.

I think that I can still improve going into next semester. Designing levels this semester was a slow and tedious process, next semester should go faster since I have learned so much about how to design levels for Frog Snatchers in testing and iterating this semester. I also think that I can improve the narrative that I am writing for the game. Right now, a lot of the characters talk in very similar ways, basically the way I normally speak. I need to learn to write dialogue so all of the characters feel more unique and memorable. 

Overall, I have been very happy with the work I have done and the rest of the team has done this semester. With the new, talented members we are bringing on to Too Tired next semester, I'm sure that we will be able to create an even better game that accomplishes everything that we hope to.