Robbie - Post Mortem - Before the Draft

I've decided to create two Post Mortem posts, one solely on how I feel the team and I did, and then how the process went after this. This is the blog post on myself and the team.  

It's finally over, senior capstone is complete and I am proud to say that Frog Snatchers is going to be moving on to next semester. When we heard that we had gotten through, me and Luke had to take some time to understand the news, and then we yelled in a stairwell due to excitement. I am excited to move on to next semester, where hopefully I can work on some cool programming things and not have to split my focus between producing, presentation planning, and programming. Even if I have to split focuses next semester, I'm still extremely excited to work on this game. 

The Team

This past semester has been wonderful with this team. Luke, Lillian, and Rob has improved my life greatly through how well this process went and the bonds all of the members on the team share. These people are more than teammates, they're friends I will have for life. But, more about the team in general. We had a really good dynamic and communication circle put together. We were always able to get feedback and help from the team in the multitude of meetings or in any other form. Everyone on the team was also working in new territories for each member, and we were still able to exceed with help from the other members. Overall I think the team did really, really well together.

But there are things that could have gone better. Our game was scopey, so each member was spread pretty thing, which will be improve into next semester when we have new members. We also did not do a great job of managing our backlog. As a team we communicated well, letting everyone know where we were, but didn't use the backlog. We worked on improving this so we can easily see where all the members are without having to ask, which is incredibly important for next semester with a larger team.


Personally, I am not super happy with my individual work this semester. While the game is amazing, and it all comes together super well, I feel like I do not have the most to show from it. I worked extremely hard on creating a good team dynamic and product as a producer, but as a programmer I could have done more and done it better.  

Even with that though, I feel like what I DID do this semester is impressive. My biggest accomplishment is the fully working dialogue system. Designers were able to go in and create a ton of character interactions that worked well, and it was easy for them. They were able to add on to the system too by just accessing the flags that dialogue already sets. Other teams have approached me asking if they can use this system in next semester, so I will be working on it more and releasing it the public with documentation during this break. 

And that leads me to my goal for next semester, which is create more incredible tools to help my team. I want to work smarter so my team has to work less. There's a bunch of tools that we have planned in the future and those will definitely be coming out in my blog posts next semester. 

Overall, I am incredibly happy with the state of the game my team was able to create, and hopefully I can lead them to continue making wonderful products when we get to next semester.