Luke - Blog Post #10 - Final Push


  • Sound
  • Documentation


With the addition of sound the other week, rounding out SFX in the demo build of the game would be very important for the game. This week I made sure all of the player's actions had appropriate sounds (including starting run, land, pole vaulting, and death), enemy SFX, and frog ribbits. Some of these probably won't make it into the final build, but will be good to have already prepped for next semester if we make it through.


With this being the last full sprint before presentations and much of the documentation on Pineapple being outdated, wanted to get everything in order before potentially bringing more people onto the team. The first thing that I did was make sure that all previous documentation was up-to-date and accurate. These documents included NPC sheets and dialogue, frog sheets, design philosophies, and other narrative document. I also took the time to write new documentation about our narrative going further than this semester and into the final moments of the final game. This should be a lot of information for incoming designers, and artists to enhance their understanding of the game if we pick them up.