Luke - Blog Post #8 - Changes For The Demo


  • Level Changes
  • QA Testing

Level Changes

Last week I made a bunch of changes to the level, expanding it and fixing some issues. This week, I realized that I would need to reel-in my original plans for the level this semester so that the faculty will be able to play through the entire build on demo night. Having a more streamlined level will be very important for the success of our game. This week was dedicated to separating areas of my original level into different scenes and cutting off access to certain areas.

QA Testing

This week at QA, I brought a build with the changes to the level that I made this week. There were a lot of bugs with transitioning between scenes and other things. This I'm sure affected tester feedback. The biggest thing that I wanted more information on was if testers felt like there is still a sense of exploration, that is essential to the feel of any metroidvania, with the changes to the level. Thankfully, testers felt like there was enough area to explore.