Luke - Blog Post #9 - Rechallenge


  • Sound Effects
  • Updating and Expanding Level

Sound Effects

The sound in our game has been lacking for a long time. I dedicated a bunch of time this week making each of the player's attacks has fitting and unique SFX. Not only did I make swinging effects for stab, sweep, and overhead, but I also made sfx for strong hits, player getting hit, enemies taking damage, and enemies blocking. With all of these sounds implemented, the game really started to come alive and feel much more polished.

Updating the Level

This week I expanded the tutorial area of the level so that the player has more time to get acquainted with the controls of the game before really getting into it. I also expanded the area where the player first gets the pole vault ability to let them understand that more before having to use it more. Other areas got tweaked based on things I saw testers having trouble with in QA.