Robbie - Blog Post #2 - Making Some Games

Starting Prototyping

Hello everyone again, it's me Robbie, the leader/programmer of Too Tired Studios, I'm going to stop doing that intro after this blog post I promise. Until our team gets to the point where we're working on one game, I'm going to be splitting my blog posts into each separate prototype. 

Text Display Prototype 

One of the main things that will be important will be the ability to talk to characters so we can create a story and have cute interactions with them. I had to make sure I would be able to create a system to show text in a conversation that my designers could have complete control over. Luckily, I can say it went pretty well!


I made it so our designers could set the amount of strings they want an NPC to say, what all of those strings would be, and left in hooks for any kinds of sounds we may want to do in the future. When you're interacting with an NPC, you're frozen in place and the text goes across letter by letter at a variable speed the designer can also set. If you press the talk key again while text is scrolling, it will display the whole line instead, so people don't have to sit through the entire animation if they don't want to. It was good to be able to get a system working in the first week so we could start testing our humor and narrative styles in QA early. 

Adventure Prototype

Using the text display prototype above, I tried creating a small little side-scrolling adventure game with some frogs you could find. You went around the world, swinging a sword (where there was no enemies to hit) and talking to signs and frogs. Overall, it was super simple, but it was enough to test character interactions.


One thing that we wanted to test though was a humorous opening scene where you hit a log blocking your path and it exploded in a cutscene similar to how other games handle killing bosses. I made a giant log that when hit would shake the screen and explode for a set amount of time. Observe: 


Overall, I think it was a pretty successful week, and we got some laughs, so that's always good.