Robbie - Blog Post #3 - Figuring out the Risks

What's Risky?

One of the main things our team did this week was find out all the risks we could think of for all of our games. Meaning I had to write two Technical Risk Analysis Document for each of the prototypes I was creating, which lead to writing, describing and evaluation over 160 risks, because I wanted to make sure I hit every small one I could think of, so there's not too much to show off this week. But, having documents of this caliber and depth will be incredibly important going forward. Anyways, on to the games!

Side Scrolling

This week in the side scrolling prototype,  we created an enemy to hit so that the combat had more of a purpose, an ability to make it a little more interesting, and having some characters that we may have in the actual game. 

The enemy we're hitting is super simple, it doesn't move, it doesn't die, it doesn't even have health, but it proves we can hit things! 

 This gif did a terrible job uploading

This gif did a terrible job uploading

We also added CRT, a character that Rob designed. I still drew it, so it wasn't very impressive, but it was much better than the wave of signs we had last week. The T in his name stands for Tutorializer, so he explains how to hit the enemies above. 


The last thing I did was add new abilities, and I decided to make our character turn into a frog! Why? Because it was charming and I already had the assets and I could design super simple puzzles that worked with it. It really only changes the jump height and size of the character, but it creates a new platforming dynamics that we would want in our game, just not exactly how we created it here. 


As you can tell, I'm having a really good time making this game. 

Top Down

So, I've been putting a lot of love into the side scrolling prototype, well, I definitely haven't been putting the same love and care in the top down prototype. I even forgot to mention it in last weeks blog post because it just isn't as good. It's been pretty obvious in QA and from our meetings that it'd be more difficult and for less payoff than the other builds we're going with. But, we made it possible for a character to move around and attack other enemies with two different attack styles, shown below. Overall I feel like we're not going forward with this game but, we're trying: