Robbie - Blog Post #4 - Getting Ready To Work On One Game

Let's Stop Working on Stuff We Don't Like

Going into this week, we're trying to challenge out of the phase of rapid prototyping and going into Deep Dive, meaning I have a large presentation to put together and to make sure our team is ready to transition from these three games into one. I'm personally really excited to move on to one game so we can really start getting into real production! The game we're going to try to make is a 2D Character Based metroidvania (what I wanted from the beginning). But before we get the go ahead, we have to show off what we have. 

So, a lot of work went in this week to Rob's build, adding the text to the build and working on a cutscene to show off our humor. Yet the other builds got a little updating, so let's go. 

Side Scrolling Adventure

Sadly there's not too much to show in a blog post about what went into each game this week. I went around to the faculty getting their opinions on all of the builds, but mostly focusing on the one we were going forward with. With the side scrolling adventure game, we worked on adding more humerous moments to the build. When I was showing off the game, the people reading it said they could easily tell I wrote it and even read it in my voice, so I got some designers in there to edit it. Besides that, it was a lot of bug fixes, adding a dash ability, and the ability to pause and open a menu. None of which show well in a post, so apologies!

Top Down Prototype

The top down prototype has been unanimously decided by the team and everyone else who played the games, but this week I added hit stun to the build so we could do cool prototypes. I also made it so all the enemies EXPLODE like the log in the second blog post, so if you need to see it go there! I'll update you all with our progress next week!