Robbie - Blog Post #5 - Deep Diving

The Frogs

One thing I was really excited about coming into this project was the frogs. I may have an odd fear of large frogs, but that's okay, Lillian made them look cute. And then I got to make them move. This week I focused on the frog house, the collection system of the frogs, and having frogs move around in a good pattern. 


As you can see, we have a couple cute frogs hopping and moving around. They're not animated yet, but when we have those animations they'll be looking even better. Right now, designers just have to place a frog into the world, give it the correct frog script, and they'll show up in the tree house. Players just walk up to them and "talk" to them and the frogs are warped back to their home. 

Other things that were done this week were a saving/loading system for your frogs, and doing first pass movement mechanics that we could use in the future. They're all very messy but it looks like there will be a lot to do when moving around.

On another note, I've been dealing with a couple of health problems, meaning that my work will be less than usual, but I'm keeping my head high! My team is strong and they're good at the work I delegate to them!