Robbie - Blog Post #6 - Content Creep

Time To Get Animated

My  two main tasks these week were animation focused, the first being animating the player character and the second being animating the entire chef scene! This is really exciting for me because I love mixing animations with code and making a game that feels as good as it looks! So lets go see what it looks like! (Also, Lillian probably posted a lot more of the animations, but I can talk about them with some cool pictures. I'm not completely sure what to put in this blog because it was a lot of work but it isn't super showable.)

The Player

First off, our player character looks fantastic! I love the way it moves and flows. Let's just take a look! <Insert Gif>

So what was the process getting here?

We already had keyframes set in place for the base animations, but we had to put in so many more. The animator had to know the speed the character was moving, the speed the character was falling, if the character was on the ground, what attack they were in, etc. etc. After we had all the animations thrown into a controller, we made this giant web:

 I can't get the whole web on screen cause you can't scale in Unity Animation Controller

I can't get the whole web on screen cause you can't scale in Unity Animation Controller

You can see here there's more animations here then there were animations given to us by Lillian. This is because we split up the jump and some other animations to make it so we can have more control through the code. This way we can perfectly change frames of an animation exactly when a character's state changed. We made it as in depth as possible with the frames we were given and I was very proud with how it turned out. 

Chef Cutscene

So, we made the chef cutscene work, and it was a lot of work. We don't have an easy tool for creating cutscenes, so right now it's a lot of hard coded events called in giant triggers. It works well, the humor timing is all there (I'm sure Luke or someone explained it to them.) I'm not going to talk about what exactly I did, but what I learned from it more.

We're going to need a really strong tool for creating cutscenes in the future, a tool the size of I have never really handled. I won't be able to do that in this semester with everything else I'm being required of, but it will have to have a timeline where you can control animations, positions, and any other variables.