Robbie - Blog Post #7 - Fly Guy AIs

The Fly

One of the things I did this week that was the most important to me, was getting this fly enemy to run around and make him as versatile as possible, so many other flying enemies in the future could be easily put together. 


Again, he's not the prettiest thing, but he reads as a fly. I'm sure when Lillian comes in we'll have a much better image for the enemy. But what does he do? So right now we have a fly go on a set path, in a straight line between multiple points that you can set by adding on boxes that the enemy would fly to. You can have an infinite amount of positions, and set if the fly goes in a loop, or goes back and forth from the beginning and end point. It's all stored in a nice array for easy designer access and they've been able to add them to the world already with ease. 

Yet, if the fly just moved around on it's own in a path it wouldn't be a very interesting enemy, just another platforming obstacle. So, the designers can also set a range on the flies that is their "aggressive range", if the player enters that range the fly becomes angry and chases after them. They're slower than the player so the player can always escape, but for whatever reason a designer wanted to make it so they couldn't, it's all controllable without going into the code. 

Lastly, I made the enemy have hit stun of some kind. While it's being hit it flies away in an opposite direction and is dazed. In this time the player can get another attack ready or continue running away. All of these things were given animation hooks, so when Lillian creates all the animations we can just plug them in!

The Other Stuff

The main other thing I did this week was put things together and write out a very long and specific technical specification document. Making sure we had the right specs we needed, all our risks listed, and everything else we would need from a technical side. 

The rest of the stuff I did this week were more just small tweaks on things that other people have put together or shown off before. Animation hooks for some slime enemies, the intro and chef scene tweaks because we don't have to code, and just making sure everything worked together.