Robbie - Blog Post #8 - The New Enemies on the Block

Enemies and Redoing Hitboxes

One of the main feedback we got in class this week was about teaching players how to use our combat system (that Rob has hopefully told you all about). Right now, a lot of players are only using one of our attacks, and not experimenting around with the three different options and how they work together. The solution we're proposing to this is enemies that can only hurt by specific attacks, to make the players use different styles to progress. For example, (definitely not final) a slime with a bucket on his head that can't be hit by overhead attacks, and an enemy that would need to be knocked over first before you could stab it. 

To start this, we had to add some more information onto our hitboxes. Right now they only gave the knock back angle and if it was a super hitbox or not. We had to make sure when creating a new hitbox it was given a type, which were overhead, stab, and slap, for the three different player hitboxes. Enemies would then react differently to the different type of hitboxes and take damage and knock back accordingly. Anyways, lets look and see what type of enemies we made this week.

Bucket Head Slime


Here we have the bucket head slime. He has a bucket on his head and it's pretty gross. But, he can't be hit by the overhead attacks, which many players had been using as their only attack style. He moves the same as the slimes before, so he's not much different, but it was a pretty good test. I also made it so you can stand on the bucket if you wanted to, which added some new platforming elements. 

The Can Monster


The can monster is an enemy that can't be hit by the overhead or stab attack, but if is hit with the undersided slap is knocked on it's side and then can be hit by all moves. It's simple, it looks bad, but it is used to block paths to players and forcing them to learn how to use other attacks.