Robbie - Blog Post #10 - Getting Ready for the End

Getting Ready to Present

A lot of progress has been made on our game, but my focus is quickly shifting from working on the game as a programmer, and working on the game as a leader and presenter. Last week we worked on getting the game to show well, with redoing the health UI to be better than a green bar, added a start screen, and iterating on the boss and other small bug fixes. None of these things were super big or impressive, so it's not gonna take up a lot of stuff in this post. This post is gonna be about how we're preparing to make sure our game goes through and shows as well as possible. 

Getting the Player Experience

One of the main things we needed to prove our concept was getting the experience of our players. Since we were trying to make an accessible metroidvania, we had to make sure anyone was able to play. Luckily, I live with two people who never play video games to test it with. I sat down with my roommate veronica and let her play the game. She was able to play through the entire thing, not finding all the difficult areas and frogs, but was able to get to the end and beat the boss. That was huge for us as a team, because it proved the market we were going for was possible. 

This lead us to our market research, finding more information about the casual gamer who couldn't play hard metroidvanias and seeing how possible it was. It was a lot of paperwork this week, but I'm feeling pretty good going into this presentation.

Some Fun Stuff

There was one more thing we did getting ready for these presentations, making a cool costume. We made the clothes for our player character and a wooden spear to make it even more obvious. It was a lot of fun working with Lillian to make this, and it was nice working on something that wasn't team management or programming.