Luke - Blog Post #1 - Getting Started

 This is a really exciting time in the year. All the members of Too Tired Studios are coming back together to make a new game in our senior year at Champlain. Too Tired is made up of myself as a designer, Rob Mitchell as another designer, Lillian Vinson as an artist, and Robbie Wakefield as programmer and producer. We as a team we made a stellar game in Planet Snatchers last year, and we hope to follow up that success with another.

    This week feels like a calm before a giant storm of work. To start out the week of work each member of the team came up with 20 ideas individually and came together to discuss our favorites our of the total bunch of 80 ideas. There were many ideas that stood out to us that had potential. As a team we were gravitating towards a 2D action RPG or metroidvania game. For themes we really want to aim for a charming aesthetic and characters. Finally we were very interested in having a collectible system that could at some point have an impact on the story.

    So, going forward into the week I felt the need to research possible environments, the pros and cons of metroidvanias and top-down RPGs for a action-combat and story centric game, and possible ways to implement fast-travel into the world. My research led me to favoring a metroidvania for the genre we continue with for the possibility for strong story elements while maintaining a possibility for fast, and interesting action combat. There are a lot of avenues to to consider when making charming environments, I came up with four possible environment ideas that went over well with the team. Finally, after some research and thinking it over, I think that in either a metroidvania or a top-down RPG a fast travel system that only allows the player to fast travel between specific points in the map, like a train system. This ensures that the player cannot ever be able to abuse this ability to escape a certain situation.