Lillian - Blog Post #1 - Initial Thoughts

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Starting senior capstone with a great team! Luke Charland and Rob Mitchell design, and Robbie Wakefield programs and produces. Our last project was a lot of fun and really fulfilling and I think this year will be just as good!

Our plan is to make a super-charming 2D action adventure game. It will involve cute frogs and lots of outlandish characters and areas, which will be really challenging and fun to create.

Some things I've been thinking are going to be really important going forward on my end:

Pipeline. This will be important for character animations and environments. This means I really need to be planning as much as possible before creating final assets. Last semester, a lot of my process was creating base environment assets and improving them as the semester went on. I think a similar approach will work well in a 2D space as well. One shortcoming of the environment pipeline in our previous work was how long it took to set up the space. We'll need to carefully plan and implement environment creation tools that make it as easy as possible to create and edit the space while keeping the art looking good. For characters, we'll be using sprite animations, and I'll need to make an atlas that's easy to read and build on. Our main character will likely have a lot of animations.

Character Design and Style. We are going to rely on a fast pipeline to get art into the game. This also means the designs of the characters need to be simple and adaptable enough to be easily animated, and to fit into a variety of situations. I'll be looking a lot at cartoons and simpler hand-drawn games for inspiration. Our cast is going to be very diverse, and we'll need a style that can unify a lot of wild themes.

Tech art. I think one of the best ways to improve the art of this game will be with in engine effects! I've been learning more about tech art recently and about Unity, and I want to try my hand at more engineered art effects. I have a lot of ideas.

Overall I'm pretty excited!