Lillian - Blog Post #2 - Concept Development

This week I made some art!


Here's a concept for a sewer area, where the game is planned to start.







There's been a lot of idea solidifying happening this week.  One of the first things I did was research a style, and what we landed on is reflected here.  Some line work, a focus on value and color, and movement that gives the world a feeling of being alive.  This gif was made in Photoshop and the next steps will be recreating something similar in Unity.  

We've more or less settled on a grid system for creating environment assets and I've been keeping that in mind while drawing.

I've had some fun with character designs too.  The sewers will be populated by mutant reverse-mermaids!


These guys feel kind of silly to me but I think that fits the game? 

I've also done a design for our first major character, Dr. Lola.


I hope she will feel cool and powerful when you meet her. Through the story Lola has a lot of frustration and the mood can be a little silly, I'm looking forward to some nice animations that will support all those themes!

Overall I feel like our concepts are going to be enjoyable to work on, we just need some feedback.