Robbie - Blog Post #1 - The Beginning

Hey Everyone, 

My name's Robbie and I'm the leader/programmer for Too Tired Studios. As a team, we have decided to move forward into next semester together. The people working with me are the same as they were the year before, with Lucas Charland as our main designer, Rob Mitchell as our systems designer, and Lillian Vinson as our main artist.  This time around though, we're all starting together while last year Rob joined halfway through the semester, so no onboarding will be required, which is a big plus. Overall, last year was a really good time, and hopefully this year will be even better.

In our planning meetings, we decided that a 2D character based action game would be the main idea we'd be going forward with, with a twist. Rob Mitchell wrote the idea "Raise and cherish really cute frogs" as one of his 20 ideas, and it really stuck out to us as a team. 

Going forward, we're going to prototype 3 ideas, a top down combat game, a side scrolling adventure game, and a side scrolling combat game and see which one comes out the best and which one the team was more excited for.  I'll be handling the side scrolling adventure and top down action prototypes and let you know how they're going next week.

.Looking towards the future, I am pretty excited for a side scrolling action game, more precisely a metroidvania with a lot of character interactions. I am not super excited about building a top down game, but I'll give it a good effort and see if it really speaks to me. I'll keep updating as the weeks go on, so until then!