Lillian - Blog Post #3 - Testing Pipeline

This week my tasks were mostly to make test art and put it in engine to see how I need to use Unity in order to get the look I want.  This was mostly successful, I learned a lot.  Unfortunately I was sick for a few days and had a lot of work outside school, which prevented me from putting in as much work as I wanted to.  

First I looked into how I need to build the environment, in terms of art assets and how they'll be implemented in engine.  Building tiled environment sprites was actually a lot of fun, it feels like creating a puzzle but also like solving one.  I'm excited to push myself with this.  The more types of pieces I can make that tile into each other will give us more options when we build the environment.

Next I learned Unity's animation system for sprites.  This was actually really easy and I have a lot of confidence moving forward!  I tested the system with a really simple and kind of bad animation so I don't want to show it here, but next week I'll have something that looks nice. 

I was using a lot of Unity's post processing tools to get the look we want in the game.  I've already worked with post processing in Unity on previous projects, but I've never written code to change those effects during game play.  We want these effects to respond to the player, what they're doing, and where they are.  

Overall this was a big learning week and it'll help me get the pipeline nailed down when we start development.  I think the in-engine effects we're planning will let us iterate on a lot of the look of our game without creating new assets, which will hopefully satisfy the needs of the capstone class.