Lillian - Blog Post #4 - Challenge


This week our team was pitching the concept we want to move forward with and develop.  There weren't a lot of specific deliverables I had bring so I had a good time playing with what we can do visually.  This poster is a pretty good example of the kinds of color schemes I'd like to work with and the vibe of the game.  


These are some silhouettes studies for the main character.  The combat system is designed around a polearm as a weapon so I wanted to try a few different shapes.  I think just the shape of the weapon will do a lot to convey the setting of the game.  Similarly, the shapes of the player character will inform the animation and how the player connects to the game.  I want to pick a design that is gender/race nonspecific so people of all types can identify with it easily.  I'd also like the main character to have cute as well as badass moments.  Games like Zelda pull this off really well with Link, he's silent, makes fights feel really epic, but has a lot of cute moments doing more mundane things.  The frogs need to be cute.  I'll flesh these designs out more in the coming week.