Luke - Blog Post #3 - Whoops I Forgot a Week but We Are Back

This Week's Overview

  • QA Testing and Analysis
  • Collectible Descriptions and Info Document
  • Began working on a preliminary block out for the first area of our strongest game
  • Work on challenge presentation

QA Testing

QA testing, like last week, was informal. Seeing as how each build is in a very rough state where not too much beyond what testers preferred the team felt that this was fine. I found in my analysis that testing revealed similar results to last week. Testers were more critical of the top down and storytelling platformer this week. However, everyone who played it liked the combat platformer. Testers liked elements from the storytelling platformer from their comments but felt the game might be too shallow in its current form. One tester suggested merging both platformer builds into one that had the best of both worlds. I think this is a great idea and is likely what the team will decide to do.

Collectibles Doc

This document was made to accompany a document I made last week outlining what characters / secret areas could be found in the first area of our game. This document goes into more detail on what the collectibles are and gives a back story to each of them, something the player will be able to read in their house when viewing all of the things that they have found in their adventures. There are 10 of these collectible frogs in total in the document, each with their own name, backstory, and where to find them. This document is incomplete for now as we still have not decided on what attributes a frog could give to the player. That being a bonus to damage or a bonus defense or giving the player a special ability. However, there is space to update the document with that information when it is decided.

First Area Block Out

I estimated this task to take me 3 hours. I was wrong in that assumption. I spent about 4.5 hours working on the block out and have about 3/4 of it completed. I have a good idea of where other elements of the area, like the mini-boss and main boss, will be in the space. I have not gotten to designing the pathways and obstacles to get to those areas yet. What I did accomplish to do is design the beginning area before the player ends up in the first playable area. I also designed what I'm calling "left sewer" that has soft challenges for the player to begin to understand how combat and platforming works. Also in "Left Sewer" there is a town and shop area where the player will be able to meet a bunch of characters, including Dr. Lola, who will be driving the plot of the first area. "Right Sewer", which is as you would expect to the right of "Left Sewer", is where the action picks up ever so slightly with the introduction of acid pits that will damage the player when they fall in and many more secret areas for the player to find. This area is about half finished as of now.

Work on Challenge Presentation

I did not foresee how much time I would need to spend on this task, I actually had to add it because I overlooked it at the beginning of the sprint. I populated much of the presentation with relevant slides and pictures referring to inspirations, what we can take away from those inspirations, player demographic, etc, etc. A lot of time went into making sure we have everything to get through the challenge this week, and with any luck that work will not be for naught!