Luke - Starting Up Again - Senior Production Blog Post #1

I’m very excited to be able to work on Frog Snatchers for the next 4 months with the newly expanded Too Tired Studios team. We’re only a couple days into production now so not much has happened yet. However, it is clear to me that the new team members feel motivated to work on the game and prove that they were the right picks from the start based solely on our in class meeting on Wednesday.

Since then, I have worked on concepts for new UI layouts to better communicate to the player crucial info about the game. I have also worked on concepting new control layouts on keyboard and on controller to avoid creating an excess of buttons and keys to keep track on while playing. These two tasks went well and took about as long as I expected them to. I really want to get feedback from the rest of the team at our meeting on Sunday about both sets of docs. Today I worked how having equipable frogs might influence gameplay and give them more significance to the player, came up with a few new frog designs, and started work on asset lists for the two new areas of the game.

Going forward in the week I still have a full design meeting with Amos, and Ian to discuss level design and philosophy with them. I am excited to get to know more of what their vision for creating the game. I am also bringing the demo build from the end of Capstone to QA to get some fresh thoughts from the testers, just to get general thoughts on what else they would like to see in the game as we expand upon it this semester. I am very hopeful that this will be the start of a great and productive semester working on Frog Snatchers.