Rob - Preparing for Greenlight - Senior Production Blog Post #1

Now that the second semester is officially underway, I've been trying to get back into production-mode. As a team, we've met up and figured out some logistics. It's awesome to see everyone's enthusiasm for the game, and for what we have planned, so I'm looking forward to the next 15 weeks. As of now in week 1, we're all set up to have weekly meetings, keep up communications in Discord, and work together to bring fun new areas like Florida to life. 

In our first meeting as a team this semester, everyone was able to joke around and quickly brainstorm in a healthy and creative manner. It felt really good to see the same kind of ideas coming out of the new members that fit the vibe we had last semester. There's a weird, shared sense of humor in the group that I can't attribute to any one person, so it's really just a collective weirdness that will show up in every corner of Frog Snatchers.

Moving forward, my main goals revolve around getting our new members fully prepared to work on the game. I've found a few holes in documentation (for instance, we don't have much of anything describing how our sound pipeline works!) so I'll be knocking out some documents/slideshows/videos to make sure we're all on the same page. Additionally, there're a few bugs kicking around that I need to help Robbie squash, so I'll be perfecting the current build of our game before we push it into its next stage of development.