Robbie - Starting A New Story on an Old Story (Draft)

A New Team

In all of the hubbub of last semester, we've finally made it to part two of this magical adventure. Joining us on this team we have:
Jamie Hauer - Producer
Adrian Taul - Artist
Amos Bryne - Designer
Ian Cotner - Designer

As you can see, there's no new programmers on the team, meaning a lot of work's gonna be coming, and I'm excited to work on it. 

What's In Store

The first thing that needs to happen is a tool revamp, so the new members on the team can easily get working right away. We're looking to create a level building tool to help with level placement as well as have ways to update parallax and anything else the team wants under the sun. A new NPC tool, to easily add small cutscenes and interactions into the game that doesn't require any hard coding. And a music transition tool, so you can easily set the music in each room, and have them change when transitioning with ease. Right now it's pretty bare bones, but look forward to what the future holds.