Luke - Waiting Game - Senior Production Blog Post #2

To close out last sprint, I went to QA and tested with the demo build from the end of last semester. We wanted to know what testers wanted to see in the game in the coming semester as well as get some feedback on work from earlier in the week. Testers came up with some really good suggestions for what they want out of the game and what areas it fell short in. These responses will really help guide some of the decisions that we make going forward. Also last week, was a meeting with Amos and Ian to discuss level design and narrative aspects of the game. We fleshed out a pretty complete story for the game, order of events, and the layout of all of the different areas of the map.

This sprint has been slow to start since I am relient on the level design tool from Robbie to get to me most difficult task this week, which is recreating the demo rooms with the tool since Robbie broke them all. However, I have started more UI concepts, and writing new sewer NPC interactions. I want to do a little more on both of these tasks before I would consider them both complete.

Going forward in this sprint I will be sketching new areas of the sewer as well as recreating the demo levels, as stated before.