Robbie - Water Your Ficus Side Project - Blog Post

Introducing: Water Your Ficus

Hey everyone, it's Robbie, and starting today I'll be picking up a new project for a Champlain College class called Water Your Ficus! Will this grow into a Too Tired Studio's project? Probably maybe! Expect this rare outbursts of Water Your Ficus updates here, and on, where I'll have more joking hurrah hurrah posts, even though mine here are already dripping with personality. 

What is: Water Your Ficus

Stealing my blurb from Reddit: 

Water Your Ficus is an in-development app for Android Devices. On this app, you get your ficus from a Planter Box (Loot Box) and have to water it once a day for Ficus Points. It takes a random amount of water a day, and if you over/under water the plant, it will die, requiring you to take time out of your day to focus on your plant. Water your plant gives you Ficus Points, which are used to unlock more plants and decorations.

If you're done watering your plant for the day, you can connect to Ficus.Net, where you can INSULT other people's plants for points. There's a rating system to allow people to vote on the most clever insults. The more people like your insults, the more Ficus Points you get.

Why: Water Your Ficus

So, this class is all about building one project and learning about things you want to do, and I decided that I wanted to explore mobile game networking. I have never really worked on a mobile game solo, with the only mobile game I've worked on in the past being a Production Simulator, called Max Sim, in Sophomore year. There, another talented programmer by the name of James Keats taught me a lot about mobile development, but I haven't used those skills since. It would be a lot of refreshers and learning more about data management and other mobile related criteria. 

Mobile networking is a whole other beast that I have never explored, but I think it would be a really cool thing to learn. I feel like a bunch of game ideas Too Tired Studio has for mobile would be improved with networking and leaderboards, so making sure everything works the way I want it to would be a big challenge, but I feel like it is doable in the year.