Rob - Finalizing Greenlight Requirements - Senior Production #3

My main task this week is to get NPC / Event Creation to the point where members of the team can start messing with it! Along with this task are a few to create documentation surrounding features of the game we're adding as we move forward. In short, we're aiming to be fully prepared to knock out the rest of this game as efficiently possible, starting by getting us all on the same page.

For the NPC / Event tool this week, the projected end state is a tool that allows us to build NPCs that can talk to us when we interact with them. In practice, this tool should be able to replace all of the things that spawn text in the game currently, and that's in its most basic form. As it is now, the tool can spawn an object with the components an NPC needs. This includes a Sprite Renderer, Box Collider, and the new script that allows them to contain Events. From here, all we have to do is build up a list of Events that display text, and we can easily write our dialogue in.

  Screenshot of the Event Script Component featuring 2 events

Screenshot of the Event Script Component featuring 2 events

In the image above, the NPC we've selected has two events to display text. Upon interacting with this NPC in-game, the text box that appears will now be populated with the text in the events. Each Show Text event correlates to one text box, so we have to be careful not to write too much in any Show Text event!

Additionally, in reading the text in this example, you'll notice that it sets up for a "dramatic pause," which hints at the second type of event prototyped so far. This event is called Wait, and it does exactly that. For the amount of time we set, it will wait before moving onto the next event. This is good for comedic timing, and also for making very basic cutscenes! In the coming weeks, more events will be added to facilitate the process of making cutscenes so anyone on the team can at least prototype some cool sequences.