Luke - More Levels, UI, and Fixing Broken Chunks


My work on the UI of Frog Snatchers wasn't fully completed last week. This week I implemented the currency counter and how that and the frog counter will fade in and out when currency is collected. This is likely not going to be the extend of the feedback and action that happens when something is collected. I have plans to make that section of the UI pop more when something is collected. Getting it this far wasn't particularly difficult but took a bit longer than expected since I wanted to leave it open ended to be able to add in frog counter functionality next week with the same code.


Fixing Broken Chunks

A few things in the sewers have been pretty janky for the last few week. One mess in particular got fixed was scene transitions. Before, a ton of the areas of the sewer didn't link up correctly, throwing you to a random room in a random position. Now, they transition nicely between each and every room. The map is starting to really come together as a whole exploratory environment.

Another thing that got fixed was how getting hurt by acid works. Rob Mitchell rewrote the code for it and I implemented it across all of the sewers. In the below gif it shows how it works. Once the player enters a trigger, the position of the circular node next to it is stored. So, when the player is hurt by the acid, the player is returned to that node's position.


Collisions were another thing that were messed up in past builds. The player could dash and super into walls and get stuck forever. That issue was fixed by Robbie Wakefield, I just had to re-add all of the collision boxes on all of the current scenes to make sure to player gets stuck again.


I made more of the sewers this week, finishing off the golden path for the area and filled out all of the surrounding area around that golden path. This feels like a huge accomplishment for the game right now as we can move on from to more polish and other areas before returning to the sewers to make challenge areas for player to really test their skill.