Rob - Bug Fixes and v1.0 of the NPC Tool - Senior Production #6

One of my main jobs now is to find and squash bugs in the game. This week, the issues were mainly in how we handled collision, so Robbie and I split the work there. He changed the colliders his tool used, and I overhauled the remainder of the Super-Attack system I made so they use Unity's rigidbody physics. Even though we didn't work on these systems together, I didn't notice any issues pop up during testing. I think both of these changes should've resolved the issues that let players clip into the ground, which is a relief.

In terms of the NPC/Event Tool, it's finally entered "v1.0". Besides bug fixing, it's "complete" as an NPC tool. All that's left now is adding events based on the game's needs -- the tool itself is fully functional and modular enough to make these changes. It's also at the point now where I need to save a version of it to someplace other than Frog Snatchers, so I can use it in other projects (after a tiny bit of abstraction). 


It could also use a lot of Aesthetic work and smaller changes to make it more user friendly, but for the most part I'm really happy with how it's turned out. I can't wait to find out how many different ways we can break it before the semester ends!

Moving forward, I'm hoping to get back into content in the upcoming week. I'll probably implement new events to the tool if necessary, as well as working on new movement/combat abilities, and anything frog-related that pops up.