what is frog snatcherS?

Frog Snatchers a metroidvania where you play as a frog collector, who has had all of their frog friends stolen from their home and scattered throughout the world. The game has a split focus, with a heavier emphasis on satisfying combat and movement systems that will make exploring the large, interconnected world feel empowering and engaging. The lighter focus of the game is a story that is defined by small character interactions. These character interactions are meant to be funny and make the game very light-hearted. This differentiates this game from other metroidvanias because other games in the genre tend to be very serious and gritty.  This game could make the metroidvania genre more accessible and silly for newcomers and give fans of the genre a fun, fresh take.

Our trailer displaying our vertical slice after 15 weeks. 

Who is Frog snatchers?

The Frog Snatchers Team originally consisted of the four main members of the Planet Snatchers team. Lucas Charland as lead designer, Lillian Vinson as lead artist, Robert Mitchell as lead systems designer, and Robert Wakefield as lead programmer and product manager. 

Yet, just like last time where we acquired more people as we went, and this time we doubled our team halfway through current development. Joining us in the game going forward we have Amos Byrne as a level/narrative designer, Ian Cotner as a level/narrative designer, Jaime Hauer as a lead producer and Adrian Taul as a 2D generalist artist. With these new members, we're sure we can push Frog Snatchers to the next level. 

Our team trailer showcasing each member’s favorite contribution they made in the 9 months of Frog Snatchers development.

Going Forward

Frog Snatchers is Too Tired's biggest game for the foreseeable future. We want to make some major overhauls to the game and take a small break before we are ready to begin sharing more info. We do plan to release this charming game to the public on Steam. Stay tuned for the game's crowd-funding campaign starting at the end of Summer 2018.