what is frog snatcherS?

Frog Snatchers is a quirky 2D action platformer adventure, in which you play as a frog collector whose frogs have been stolen.


Seriously, somebody literally came into your house and stole all of your frogs. Who would steal frogs? How did you even have so many frogs?

You’ll have all kinds of time to explore those questions as you quest through a variety of different areas in search of your froggy friends. The world of Frog Snatchers is full of all manner of quirky characters, wacky challenges, and of course, a plethora of secrets waiting to be found.


It’s not all one big magical mystery cake walk though. All around are scores of different enemies, itching to resolve their latent anger problems on your fragile skeleton. Don’t let anything stand between you and your amphibious companions! Grab your spear and give ‘em what for! The combat is easy to jump into, but still has enough depth for some of you more advanced players to really dive in and master.


  • Explore a variety of areas, from the dingy sewers, to the bright lights of the city, to the treacherous wilds of Florida!
  • Talk to all kinds of fun characters! Help them out with stuff if you want! 
  • Collect a whole bunch of frogs, as well a host of other collectibles and secrets!
  • Take your frogs on your journey and get to know them! Each frog has their own story and related gameplay effect!
  • Discover and learn new movement abilities, as well as a variety of combo moves!
  • Fight all these different cool enemies with them!
  • This of course includes a whole bunch of neato boss fights!
  • Giggle at the adorable 2D hand-animated art!
  • Buy valuable merchandise at shops!
  • Struggle with currency exchange rates!
  • Cook delicious steak!
  • Find out why these people want your frogs so badly! 



Remy has always wanted to be a chef, but was constantly ridiculed for his dream by his froggy friends. He sneaks into kitchens when no one is around in an attempt to hone his craft. He’s actually pretty good at it now. His dream is to someday open his own restaurant.

Remy is dedicated to keeping you well fed. If you bring him along, your maximum health will be increased, but you’ll move slower.


Lance is terrible at jousting. Don't get it twisted, he’s a real knight, but he has never won a single joust. He has competed at every level and still loses to toddlers. Lance never gives up though, he is as determined as ever to win a joust. Keep it up Lance, you useless butterfingers.

Anyway, having Lance’s jousting “talents” at your service will increase the range of your attacks!


This one time, Ellie was on a date at a pizza parlor when all of a sudden, nature called. She frantically gave a bad reason for leaving and hurried off, still clutching her greasy slice of pizza. Barely making it to a toilet, she realized how badly she messed up her date and took a large bite of the pizza.

Ellie’s since learned not to care as much what people think, so she lets you resist a little bit of damage.


As you hunt down the thieves who snatched your frogs, you’ll end up making your way into all sorts of weird places:


The Sewers: Gross, why are you here? It’s full of garbage and weird moss and dead fish. And so wet. Oh that is slime. Oh it is moving it is alive no thank you.

The City: This place has quite the night life. Careful though, I hear there’s still kind of an active mob presence. Should be fine if you stick to the tourist traps.


Florida: Speaking of tourist traps, there's really no better description for this place. Wow that’s an alligator! Ohhh boy they’re everywhere. Aaand that man has a gun.


As you journey through these places you’ll run into some..interesting people. They’ve all got their own issues to sort out, but you can help them out if you feel like it.

 Dr. Lola

Dr. Lola

Lola wants nothing more than to be the most feared and hated supervillain in the world, but she’s bad at it. Her attempt to poison the water supply ended up vaccinating everyone in the town against malaria, tuberculosis, and hepatitis A.

 What a good boy.

What a good boy.

Filbert loves exploring, only problem is he’s got these dang stubby little legs and he keeps getting stuck places.



Randall’s got nothin wrong, my home slice. He is #blessed feelin that Lit Sunshine on his young@heart body. His home life is just fine thank you his kids have a great deal of respect for him why do you even ask.


As you adventure through the world, rescuing your semi-aquatic comrades and fighting some angry folks, you'll pick up quite a few interesting tricks along the way to use against said angry folks. Unleash these special moves against your enemies and see what happens! (see below for what happens)

Pole Vault: Can be used in a huge variety of ways, such as riding enemies to secret areas!

Hover: A very useful platforming tool that can help you cross a lot of horizontal distance!

Charge: If you pull this move off, you’ll turn invincible for a second and dash right through an enemy!

Uppercut: This one’s great for if something gets too close, use it on an enemy to send them flying!

Each of these moves has their own unique uses, and with good timing, you can chain them together into awesome combos!


We're launching our Kickstarter for Frog Snatchers very soon! Backing will get you a copy of the game when it's released, as well as a bunch of other neat stuff like T-shirts and posters. If you're feeling especially generous, you could even get to make something in the game! The Kickstarter page is up, and it'll be live next week!