Planet Snatchers is a fast-paced, multiplayer, 3D-platforming racing game. The game has multiple character each with unique and fun mechanics that allows fans of any 3D-platformers to find a character they're familiar with. It takes a lot of inspiration from the speedrunning community, who takes old classics and masters them by racing against the clock or others. We wanted to capture that experience in our own game, creating the first racing game of it's kind.

You can find the trailer draft and more information HERE


The project

Planet Snatchers started as a junior year production project that lasted one semester, approximately 4 months, and is currently being planned for future development after most of the team graduates from Champlain College. It was started with three members, myself, Robert Wakefield, as lead programmer and quickly team lead, Lucas Charland as lead designer, and Lillian Vinson as lead artist. Halfway through the project we gained another member, Robert Mitchell, who became a systems designer and secondary programmer.